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The Unlimited and the Limit in Pythagoreans' Perception of the World

It is a fact that we owe much  to the ancient greek philosophers and mathematicians. Such mathematicians succeeded to turn all the trade-motivated calculation recipies gathered by sumerians and babylonians after them into a sound science that we call mathematics today. Some of the pioneers in this adventure were the Pythagoreans.


Is God A Mathematician

First Principles By Howard Burton

This book has got my attention a couple of weeks ago during one of my weekend bookstore roaming. On the book cover one could read that this was about the foundation of a theoretical physics institute in Waterloo, the Perimiter Institute. An institute that aims answering foundational questions about quantum physics while taking different sometimes divergent approaches in tackling this problem. 

First Principles Howard Burton RIM

Problems Installing Qt Creator On Natty 11.04

This morining I needed to install Qt SDK on my Natty distribution. Some blog mentionned that it is better to install Qt Creator as it comes with all the tools and libraries required in a typical Qt Project.


I tried to install Qt Creator using Synaptic. Unfortunately, I have run to some package dependencies problems.