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Installing Ubuntu On Toshiba C650D - Problems & Solutions

Toshiba Satellite C650D is a budget laptop. It has been released last summer by Toshiba and as any new computer it makes installing Linux quiet challenging. Below is a list of problems I have encountered while trying to have a stable Linux distribution on this machine and solutions that worked for me.

Resizing Windows Partitions

The C650D comes loaded with Windows7. No installation DVDs are provided. All four hard drive partitions are used by Toshiba:

Ubuntu logo

First Impressions on Nassim Taleb's Black Swan

I will try to write down my first impressions after finishing part One of Nassim Taleb's "The Black Swan" book. More thoughts will hopefully come after finishing the second and third part as well as the postscript essay.

Unexpectedly, I have heard about this book from Tim Ferris while watching his Random Show podcast (co-hosted with Kevin Rose). Many Google queries later, I decided to make the jump and order The Black Swan.

Surveillez votre consommation Internet Vidéotron avec Minimeter

Il y a quelques mois, j'étais désagréablement surpris de constater que j'ai dépassé mon quota mensuel de consommation Internet chez Videotron et bien évidemment, j'ai dû payé $7 chaque GB supplémentaire.

Notre gentil fournisseur d'accès ne daigne pas, pour des raisons évidentes, proposer à ces clients une fonction qui permet de leur avertir lorsqu'ils sont sur le point de dépasser leur quota. Une recherche rapide dans le répertoire des extensions Firefox, m'a permis de dénicher cet outil Minimeter.

Minimeter firefox extension