An Immutable Complex Numbers Class In Scala Programming Language

I post in this blog entry about the implementation of an immutable complex numbers class in Scala programming language. I have tried in this implementation and as much as possible to use Scala's functional programming style. This post shows how concise and beautiful Scala code could be.


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Minimeter Fix for Videotron

Minimeter is a handy Firefox extension that helps keeping an eye on one'Internet usage. I have already blogged about this extension here a while ago.

This extension stopped working for me this week and returned an error whenever it connected to Videotron to fetch my Internet usage statistics. For those looking for a quick fix, clearing Videotron cookies will very probably solve the problem until the next time it occurs.

This is a step by step fix not intended for the faint-hearted users.

The problem

The Unlimited and the Limit in Pythagoreans' Perception of the World

It is a fact that we owe much  to the ancient greek philosophers and mathematicians. Such mathematicians succeeded to turn all the trade-motivated calculation recipies gathered by sumerians and babylonians after them into a sound science that we call mathematics today. Some of the pioneers in this adventure were the Pythagoreans.


Is God A Mathematician