A K-Means Clustering Animator

This JavaScript application implements the popular k-means clustering algorithm. Intermediate clusters and centroids are drawn at every step.

k-means is an iterative, simple and fast clustering algorithm. It groups a set of n data points into k clusters. The number of clusters being a prameter of the algorithm.

Collatz Conjecture Calculator

Collatz Conjecture Calculator is a JavaScript application that calculates reduced Collatz sequences and shows them on a graph. The Collatz sequence calculator also gathers some properties of these sequences such as the global maximum, the last local maximum reached by the Collatz sequence before it starts to monotonically decrease. It also shows the binary representations of some interesting numbers.

Easy Integration of Rich Internet Applications with Drupal - The Installation Hooks

This is the last post in the Easy Integration of Rich Internet Applications with Drupal series. It describes the Drupal installation hooks that automate the creation of the Rich Internet Application content type as well as that of its related fields..

Easy Integration of Rich Internet Applications with Drupal - The RIA Module

This post is part of a series of where I present a solution that allows an easy integration of Rich Internet Applications in Drupal 7. I have already set the requirements of this project in the previous post : Rich Internet Applications / Drupal Integration Project Requirements

This entry describes the RIA module. This module is responsible of loading all the JavaScript and CSS resources needed by a Rich Internet Application.

For the sake of completeness, the INFO file of the RIA module is listed below